"By iterating, we validate our ideas along the way because we're hearing from the people we're actually designing for" (Gaby Brink, Founder, Tomorrow Partners)

My whole innovation approach is about the unique combination of viable facts.

What Eric Ries calls "fundamental business hypothesis", this pivotal element is decoded by a tangible process and clear methodology. These techniques also emphasize cross-functionality and empathy to set up a team, convince stakeholders and enable the makers to go live with it.


The hunch-provoking innovation process is generic and applicable across all industries.

//Digital Strategy/ Strategy Consulting

  • Unique Digital Business Model Finding
  • Ideation and Validation of New Products and Services
  • Conducting Customer Interviews and Feedback
  • Design Workshops
  • Prototyping Concept, Design, and Metrics
  • Innovation from Business Challenge to Tested Prototype in Just 5 Days


  • 'Hackathon' Design, Organization and Support as Facilitator
  • Creativity Process Training


  • Design Thinking/ Human-Centered-Design Courses
  • Coaching Agile Project Management
  • Startup Mentoring

//Managing Agile Projects

  • Leading (Innovation) Projects as Scrum Product Owner

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Norman Vogel

Berater für betriebliche Innovation


Kelterstraße 38

76227 Durlach


+49 (0) 173 80 18 700